Do you feel like you seemingly have everything you should need to be happy, but there’s still this lingering feeling that something is missing? Or maybe you are someone who gives your all every day, only to still feel like it’s not enough, like you are not enough?

I specialize in working with professionals and young adults/adolescents who struggle with these problems. I help these people get to the root of their problems to achieve lasting and authentic change. Together we can unwrap the layers of internalized messages that cause you to feel this way and help you reconnect with your authentic self.

I'm Roni Kholomyansky, a licensed psychologist practicing in the Bay Area. My specialties include impostor syndrome, perfectionism, navigating or recovering from difficult relationships, chronic depression/anxiety, and issues related to being a highly sensitive person. Please read more about my approach and specialties and contact me below or at 510-379-7228 if you think we'd be a good fit in working together. I look forward to hearing from you.