A crucial part of the work I do is creating a nonjudgmental and honest relationship so you can share whatever you need to. Often, underneath our problems are uncomfortable emotions that we have understandably wanted to avoid. It's always going to feel vulnerable to express those emotions, but my hope is that we can build a supportive and trusting relationship that gives you the space to go there. Not only is it therapeutic to express your emotions and feel heard, but it's also important to have someone next to you who can help you make sense of emotions that can be messy and confusing.

As you grow to better understand your experiences, you'll find there's less of a need to avoid or distract yourself from difficult emotions. In fact, the relationship to them may change altogether. For example, a conflict in an important relationship will still hurt, but this pain can inform how you wish to proceed. There may be a newfound willingness to address this conflict and how it impacted you, or a willingness to let it go and not feel obligated to defend yourself. There is a freedom in choosing how you want to respond to your emotions, rather than your emotions choosing for you. 

In terms of specifics, I draw heavily from various psychodynamic approaches, as I believe relationships (both the relationships we have with others, as well as our relationship with ourselves) are central to our wellbeing. I am also a big proponent of mindfulness and I try to integrate mindfulness techniques throughout our work. I do so because we all cope by distracting ourselves from our problems - whether that shows up as procrastination, substance use, workaholism, or whatever else. And by adding an intentional effort to be conscious and curious about our behavior and our emotions, we are able to see what might be underneath those habits. Lastly, I integrate aspects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (specifically around clarifying one's values and helping one build a life that incorporates these values) and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (challenging ingrained thoughts and beliefs).